Why Electric?

✴ US government will spend $7.5B on electric vehicles
✴ 1M electric cars are expected on US roads by 2015
✴ Every US car builder is making electric cars
✴ US Military is developing the Saft Electric tank
✴ Japanese 2013 Car of the Year Award- Fuso’s electric hybrid truck- a first
✴ China expecting to sell over 4M electric cars by 2020
✴ Barcelona and NYC lead zero-emission taxi initiatives with new electric taxis
✴ Electric vehicles will comprise 20% of global light duty vehicles by 2030

Go Floats are…
✦ Clean
✦ Quiet
✦ Easy operation
✦ Easy transport
✦ Easy storage
✦ Minimal ownership effort
✦ Wide range of appeal- kids to grandparents
✦ No emissions
✦ No fuel costs
✦ No engine maintenance
✦ No winterization
✦ No expensive gearcase repairs
✦ Access electric-only waterways
✦ Be seen as an innovator
✦ Be green!

Did you know?
✓ Train locomotives are electric!
✓ Nuclear submarines are electric!
✓ Cruise ships are electric!
✓ 1M people rode a fleet of 55 electric ferries at the 1893 worlds fair!